Book release – You’re so clumsy Charlie


“You’re so Clumsy Charley” a Book on Dyspraxia Written by a Dyspraxic for Dyspraxic children

Dyslexics and dyspraxics are often highly sensitive people and this is something that literature on the subject doesn’t always acknowledge. Although it is well known that these individuals can be extremely hard-working, it can often be difficult for parents and teachers to appreciate this. In short, dyslexics and dyspraxics not only suffer from the direct challenge of dealing with day to day tasks, they also face the emotional adversity of being “different”.

A Lancaster based, Business Trainer called Jane Binnion recently discovered that there are very few books available on dyspraxia. Both Jane and her daughter are dyspraxic and so Jane began looking for books on the subject. Finding that there were so few, Jane has written one herself. You’re so Clumsy Charley is a colour-illustrated book and explores how dyspraxia affects confidence, self-image and relationships. It is a book which non-dyspraxic peers will enjoy reading and will help them understand Charley’s plight.

Since dyspraxia affects a child’s desire to be in school, these are critical subjects that peers, teachers and parents need to understand.“You’re so Clumsy Charlie” also has the honour of being its publisher’s first novel. The Publishing Company, Funky Gerbil Press sees producing the book as a chance to provide a view of dyspraxia from a child’s perspective.

Every primary school and library should have a copy of this book to ensure that the 16% of children believed to have dyspraxic/dyslexic learning profiles retain their self-esteem.

For more information on the book, contact information is as follows:

Jane Binnion (author) Tel: 07521314926, Email:

Paul Johnson (Editor at Funky Gerbil Press) Tel: 0151 244 5465, Email:

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